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Rubbermaid Waste Receptacles

Rubbermaid Waste Receptacles

Taking out the trash doesn’t have to be a nasty job. In fact, with a little planning and the right equipment, it can be a breeze.

First things first: Decide what your waste removal needs are by figuring out where the waste is coming from.  The kind of waste it is will make the difference in what receptacles should be chosen for the job, as there is a wide variety of Rubbermaid waste receptacles made by top-of-the-line manufacturers - like Rubbermaid® - all designed to fit varying workplace waste collection needs.

Second: Make it easy! Systematic waste management begins with making waste products easy to collect. This is the next step to a cleaner, more organized workplace.

Two areas to keep in mind when it comes to commercial waste management are recycling and sanitation/hygiene.

Recyclables represent a good portion of waste. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), “42 percent of all paper, 40 percent of all plastic soft drink bottles, 55 percent of all aluminum beer and soft drink cans, 57 percent of all steel packaging, and 52 percent of all major appliances are now recycled.”

Creating a convenient central collection site for recyclables makes it effortless for employees to keep recyclable waste in check – even in areas of high waste generation such as break areas and lunch rooms.

Ideally, recycling containers that can be combined with others and are adaptable to shifting needs are best. For example, Rubbermaid® Slim Jim waste and Rubbermaid recycling containers are made to fit into that tight spot when space is a problem. They can also be combined with each other to create an effective central collection center.

For areas where sanitation and hygiene are of special concern, such as restrooms, kitchens and biohazard disposal; special care should be taken in choosing the right waste receptacle.

Open access trashcans can give hands-free waste disposal, and are perfect for areas where there is no worry about odors. No-touch waste receptacles, like foot-pedal activated products, provide sanitary, hands-free waste disposal with the added benefit of a lid to hide unsightly waste and contain foul odors.

Durability and adherence to NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) standards and fire safety regulations where appropriate are other concerns that need to be addressed when choosing commercial waste containers.

Constructed of heavy-duty, easy to maintain quality materials, today’s commercial Rubbermaid waste receptacles are built for long life and are designed to resist dents and scratches.

Where applicable, as with ash/trash receptacles, products should meet with strict fire safety regulations set forth by the CSFM (California State Fire Marshal), so be sure to check product specifications.

Once the waste is collected, it has to be moved to a pick-up site or transported to a dumpster. Take the work out of taking out the trash by taking the load off your back!

Rubbermaid® commercial products include wheeled containers that work in conjunctioTaking out the trash doesn’t have to be a nasty job. In fact, with a little planning and the right equipment, it can be a breeze.n with automated dumping systems and meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for use with automated lifting equipment, all-weather wheeled industrial trash cans, tilt-trucks, and dollies for large capacity waste containers.

As varied as workplaces are, so are their waste disposal requirements.

“At Supply Hero, we understand this and take every opportunity to offer you the most diverse, quality-built, complete line of commercial waste management products available today,” says a Supply Hero representative.


Below is a complete list of the Rubbermaid Utility and Service Carts from Supply Hero:

- Soft Molded Plastic Waste Baskets
- Deskside Paper Recycling Containers
- Recycling Box
- Fiberglass Wastebaskets
- Slim Jim® 23-Gallon Rectangular Waste Containers
- Brute® Round Containers
- Brute® Square Containers
- Brute® Utility Container with Venting Channels
- Half Round Containers
- GroundsKeeper™ Outdoor Cigarette Receptacle
- Square Containers
- Marshal® Classic Containers
- Brute® Giant Rollout Containers
- Infinity Series Decorative Perforated Panel Kit
- Atrium™ Aluminum Containers
- LANDMARK SERIES™ Ash Trays and Waste Recepticles