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Rubbermaid Company Information

Welcome to the World of Rubbermaid® Commercial Products!

The world of commercial cleaning products has come a long way since the inception of Rubbermaid, Inc. in 1957. As inroads have been carved by pioneering industrial inventors, Rubbermaid ® Commercial Products have out-lasted, out-worked, and out-done the competition.

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Spend Less Time Cleaning with Rubbermaid® Commercial Products!

Much of the time wasted in process cleaning is just unnecessary! Rubbermaid® Commercial Products are designed to make the work go faster with less effort. Combination tools take steps out of the cleaning process!

From basic needs like floor sweeps and mop buckets to janitorial supply carts and accessory caddies, Rubbermaid® Commercial Products has it covered.

Additional cleaning supplies and tools offered by Rubbermaid® Commercial Products include: brooms, clean air vacuums (bagless version available), overhead dusting tools, self-opening/closing dustpans, sweepers, antimicrobial mop heads and handles, mop buckets with wringers, wet/dry spill pans and dry floor cleaning pads.

Now Serving Faster With Rubbermaid® Commercial Products!

Good food served fast has come to be expected - whether we are in the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant or seated at the finest five-star eatery in town.

Rubbermaid® Commercial Products understands this and has designed an incredible line of timesaving products for the food service industry.

For example, color coded cutting boards prevent cross contamination while preparing foods AND cut the need to disinfect boards between uses. Cold and hot food pans designed by Rubbermaid® Commercial Products have rounded corners for easier clean up. Ingredient bins make meal assembly both efficient and hygienic.

Other items offered by Rubbermaid® Commercial Products for the food service industry include

Rubbermaid® Commercial Products - Take the Work Out of Taking Out the Trash!

Whether it is bulk waste or recyclables, Rubbermaid® Commercial Products makes the waste container you are looking for. The ever-popular Slim Jim® containers can stand-alone or be used in combination to create a central waste collection site. Interchangeable lids and color-coded containers make separating recyclables from waste easy!

Once the waste is collected, it has to be moved to a pick-up site or transported to a dumpster. Take the work out of taking out the trash by taking the load off your back!

Rubbermaid® Commercial Products include wheeled containers that work in conjunction with automated dumping systems and meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for use with automated lifting equipment. They also offer cube trucks, fire-safe plastic containers, tilt-trucks, and heavy-duty platform trucks.

With Rubbermaid®, It’s Made to Last!

Rubbermaid® Commercial Products strive to produce the most adaptable, affordable and durable products on the market today. Rubbermaid® is made to last!

By never letting their products lag behind the continuously growing technological advances in manufacturing, Rubbermaid® Commercial Products continue to exceed the expectations of quality in cleaning supplies, food service products and waste collection containers.