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Welcome to Rion Greenhouses 4Less!  Rion Greenhouses 4Less is a division of Supply Hero, intended to educate you before you purchase a greenhouse. We have a variety of Greenhouses to choose from.  Our selection of Greenhouses fits the needs of all gardeners, from the seasoned horticulturist to the weekend grower.  Lightweight, easy to assemble, and weather resistant; it has a smooth, maintenance free resin framework with tough safety glazing.  UV protection, the right air circulation, and heat control make it every gardener’s dream.  Explore the Supply Hero online catalog and see for yourself the latest in these new lines of greenhouses.

All of our Greenhouses have FREE SHIPPING and a complimentary 1-year subscription and Membership to the Hobby Greenhouse Association.  Each quarter you will receive their publication, packed to with various articles, tips, expert opinions and more.


The Easy2Grow Greenhouse is a 6’ x 8’ aluminum framed greenhouse.  The forest green color blends into any backyard setting.  The greenhouse walls are made from 4 mil twin wall opaque polycarbonate panels.  Letting fresh air into the greenhouse is easy with the standard roof vent and aluminum framed door.  No Base required, ground stakes are supplied with each greenhouse.

The Silverline Greenhouse is made of corrosion-free, silver aluminum and comes with a rust-resistant, galvanized steel base.  The 6’ x 8’ Silverline includes a roof vent and sliding door for greater ventilation.  The 100% UV resistant panels protect your plants against glazing; and keep harmful UV rays away from your skin.  Vent, Rain Gutter, Shelving, and Greenhouse Base are standard features.


The 6’x 8’ GreenLine greenhouse has a corrosion free aluminum frame and galvanized steel base.  The GreenLine greenhouses come with shelving kits for two sides of the greenhouse; vent, rain gutter and base are standard features.  The single layer polycarbonate panels have Glass-Like clarity and are virtually unbreakable.  Sliding door makes for easy entry and allows for more ventilation.


The 6’x 8’ & 7’ x 2’ Easy2Build Poly Greenhouses are made of heavy gauge extruded aluminum.  The greenhouse utilizes a 6 mil thick polyethylene cover which has 93% light penetration.  The smart vent system is included with every Easy2Build greenhouse; 2 extraction vents to ensure proper airflow.  A proper framed door on hinges is not only a quality door, but another ventilation source.  Made from 100% corrosion free materials.


The Green Giant greenhouses are the most versatile and exciting greenhouses we offer.  There are several sizes to choose from, depending on your application.  The panels for the Green Giant are opaque. All the Green Giant greenhouses include: Side Louvre window, rain gutters w/ down spouts, greenhouse base, staging tables, clips for hanging plants and more.  All these features in a greenhouse that can be modified from 8ft. long to 24ft. long; Happy Gardening!


The Prestige is a complete greenhouse solution for the enthusiastic gardener.  The clear panels on the sides of the Prestige greenhouse allow your plants to receive direct sunlight, while the opaque roof panels filter out harsh UV rays.  The Prestige comes in many sizes, ranging from 8’ long to 24’ long.  All Prestige greenhouses include: Side Louvre window, rain gutters w/ down spouts, greenhouse base, staging tables, clips for hanging plants and more.